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February 21, 2021
Announcement - Bhraman Avidhan

What do you think is the first step in planning a vacation? Well, for most, the first step is to decide whether to go to the seaside or to the mountains. Many travelers even choose to travel to new and uncommon spots that have not lost sanctity for a couple of days of leisure and peace of mind. Some people visited religious places to find peace and others go there to revel in the unique lifestyles of the pious people. Some crave adventure and visit places that ensure adrenalin rush. Some people are interested in history and big cities. They travel to these places to explore the place with a fresh set of eyes. We understand the separate requirements of travelers of different sets. To help the travelers we have brought this six-part subject-specific travel dictionary. In India, tourism is a progressive, dynamic and growing industry. This dictionary facilitates that industry by imparting travel-related knowledge for improving travel experience of people.

First Part : Water Tourism of India (Coming Soon)

Edited by Arunava Biswas

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