Bangalir BoiPora 3 (বাঙালির বইপড়া ৩)

3rd Issue

January 2024

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Bangalir BoiPora 3 (বাঙালির বইপড়া ৩)

3rd issue

Published on 28th January 2024

Dimension: 5.5x8.5
Type: Paper Back Book
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Team Members

Zahirul Hasan

Zahirul Hasan


Anindya Sundar Basu

Sub Editor

Arnab Seth

Sub Editor

Debkumar Som

Editor Assitance

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)For the last few decades, sadly we have been witnessing a downward trend in the reading habits of Bengali people, otherwise known as bibliophiles for centuries. The rapid fall in sales of books over the past several years, whether due to the distracting factors of social media tv or whatever reason that may be, indicates that we are slowly but surely getting detached from the habit of buying and reading quality books. The situation has now worsened due to Covid pandemic. Even when the pandemic is over, there is little hope that we will reach the peaks of the nineties or the early years of this century. To address this concern, we, a handful of booklovers of varying ages, propose to start a annual publication Bangalir BoiPora (বাঙালির বইপড়া) to be published in once a year. It will be devoted to books not only bengali but also other languages, particularly english and cover various aspects of books– contents, production and distribution, keeping the taste of the readers in view. For us, readers are supreme. Our ambition is to arrest and reverse the gradual decline in book reading by providing quality reading matter. Please don’t be apprehensive, this publication will not at all be didactic or preaching type. It will be purely literary and an enjoyable read. Many well known and talented authors have agreed to write and we are sure it will be rich in contents with attractive texts illustrated by photo drawings so as to give an album look. The first issue will be published on February 1. We hope it will be a memorable experience for you to be a reader of the inaugural issue. Please book your copy soon.
3rd issue

Dimension 5.5×8.5

PaperBack Book

Rs. 249/-

Expected Pages 160

Editor Zahirul Hasan


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