Uranchandi 5

5th Year 5th Issue

Publish on 5th July 2024

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Uranchandi 5

2023 Edition

প্রকাশিত পঞ্চম  বর্ষ সংখ্যা, ‘উড়নচণ্ডী’ বুকফর্ম‍্যাটে। এখনকার জনপ্রিয় লেখক-লেখিকারা লিখেছেন এই সংখ‍্যায়।

প্রকাশকাল : ৫ জুলাই , ২০২৪  

সাহায্যের জন্য যোগাযোগ করুন হ‍্যোয়াটসআপে ৯০৭৩৮৭২৮৭৮


Expected Release Date: 05/07/2024
Dimension: 7 * 10
Type: Hardbound
Expected Price :
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Team Members

Anindya Bhukta

Anindya Bhukta


Kishore Sahitya Sankalan

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LF Books brings to you in this new year 2023

Uranchandi is an annual publication that contains entertaining stories and novels, and informative essays for young readers. We strive to build a community of readers belonging to the younger generation. The variety and brevity of content as well as our ability to evolve over the passage of time to cater to the needs of young readers have helped Uranchandi to reach exceptional success. Having said that, we try to bring together literary works that are equally entertaining and informative for readers of every age. From side-splitting funny stories, nail-biting suspense stories to enigmatic detective novels, Uranchandi offers you everything. In the world of Bengali Literary Publication for the young readers, Uranchndi certainly creates a benchmark.

Price: 349/-

HardBound Book

Editor: Anindya Bhukta

Expected Pages 264

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