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LF Books is not only a new brand in the world of publication, it’s in fact a new concept. The concept believes that the publication of books does not merely mean the production of books. Publication of books is in fact a creation which requires strong bonding among the publishers, printers, binders, sellers, book editors, proof-readers, and the ultimate readers. The team Liber Fieri, with its decade-long experience in the publication world, aims in developing this new concept.
Come and join this new venture.

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Preorder through PreBooking our upcoming books from our website to get exciting discount on MRP. Common buyer or any Book seller can pre-order books of every genre from our website. If you are book waiting PreBooking as a customer first, you will get more discount later when PreBooking will start.


2021 Edition

Each story of this children magazine is written by eminent bengali authors and carries attractive illustrations. The variety, brevity and ability to evolve over passage of time to cater to the requirements of children has helped uranchandi to reach exceptional success. Our goal is not merely to entertain the young readers. We strive to build a community of readers belonging to the younger generation. So, if you want to read bone chilling horror stories or nail biting suspense stories, then Uranhandi can be your best closest friend. From side splitting funny stories to enigmatic detective stories, Uranchandi offers everything. Each of the stories, essays and novels published in Uranchandi is penned by eminent bengali writers. In the world of children’s literary magazines, Uranchndi certainly creates a benchmark.

Suspense Barshiki

2021 Edition

LF Books brings to you in this new year 2021

Suspense Barshiki

A brand new concept in Bengali, an annual number of suspense stories. The magazine is going to lead you to the treasure house of mystery, thrill, and horror. The author list ranges from renowned authors to newcomers. The added attraction is a supplement on Satyajit Roy, named Rahasyamay Satyajit, which aims to discover the innate interest of Roy in mysteries and suspense. If you are between eight to eighty, don’t late, book the magazine, don’t miss the train.

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Like shooting stars many talented authors suddenly appear, sweeping across the literary space in their splendour, leaving the readers enchanted and then disappear for the lack of support system. A creative writer needs a platform for presenting him with writings before the coveted readers. As such our enterprise Liber Fieri Books India shall stand by them for special recognition of their creative writing. We want to introduce ourselves as a Publisher of your proposed book in English as well as in Bengali in the tropicaliged growth of readers demand in the following genre of Crime, Thriller, Detective, Horror, SciFi, Adventure and the other related Suspense writing, Love Story or Comic Story, different kind of fictions, short stories and serious non-fiction, Children cum Teen books mainly. We have no poetry segment for this event except Children’s rhyme.

Book Selling Partner Program

The commercial books of LF Books India are now available to retailers, sellers, distributors, and agents across the state. You can buy books from us and sell them too right from the comfort of your home or bookstore.  We have established two types of BSPP. The online BSPP is available only for Book and Magazine sellers. The offline BSPP is open to all.
Now let’s understand the advantages you will get from BSPP. The online partners will be able to sell books and magazines to their customers through our website. In this case, the seller can complete the payment and send the books directly to their customers without taking any headaches of online delivery. However, the customer may have to pay for the shipping charge in case the free shipping is unavailable.

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