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The commercial books of LF Books India are now available to retailers, sellers, distributors, and agents across the state. You can buy books from us and sell them too right from the comfort of your home or bookstore.  We have established two types of BSPP. The online BSPP is available only for Book and Magazine sellers. The offline BSPP is open to all.
Now let’s understand the advantages you will get from BSPP. The online partners will be able to sell books and magazines to their customers through our website. In this case, the seller can complete the payment and send the books directly to their customers without taking any headaches of online delivery. However, the customer may have to pay for the shipping charge in case the free shipping is unavailable. You can also place a book order for your own store and sell from there. No matter which selling process you choose, you will get the required discount. Just pay rupees 99 (online BSPP)  and register on  our Book Selling Partner Program, and you can avail all the benefits that we offer.
We do not charge any registration fees from our offline partners (offline BSPP). However, the seller needs to buy at least 3 copies of the book or magazine to avail seller’s discount. We accept payment through online and offline channels. Once the payment is completed, we will send the books to you. What’s more, you can even get special discounts on product quantity.
So, what are you waiting for? Log on to our website and register on BSPP today.

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