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Like shooting stars many talented authors suddenly appear, sweeping across the literary space in their splendour, leaving the readers enchanted and then disappear for the lack of support system. A creative writer needs a platform for presenting him with writings before the coveted readers. As such our enterprise Liber Fieri Books India shall stand by them for special recognition of their creative writing. We want to introduce ourselves as a Publisher of your proposed book in English as well as in Bengali in the tropicaliged growth of readers demand in the following genre of Crime, Thriller, Detective, Horror, SciFi, Adventure and the other related Suspense writing, Love Story or Comic Story, different kind of fictions, short stories and serious non-fiction, Children cum Teen books mainly. We have no poetry segment for this event except Children’s rhyme. The writer honorarium will only be awarded for unpublished original writing that appears once in both print (Books and Yearly Collections) and digital versions (www.rahasyaromancho.com). The submission rules for ‘Rahasya Romancho‘ apply to both the annual collections “Suspense Barshiki” and “Shihoron,” as well as other crime-thriller printed books and new unpublished creative writing. You are required to submit your creative writing, exciting news, features, interviews, translations, fiction, or non-fiction pieces related to genres such as crime, suspense, sci-fi, history, social issues, thrillers, romantic thrillers, geopolitics, and other genres. The minimum word limit is 2000 words, with no maximum limit. Your writing must be original, creative, unpublished, informative, logical, unbiased, free from superstition, and not a hidden copy of any existing content or film.

Book Proposal

Your Book Proposal should contain a detailed synopsis of your Book Project, with two sample chapters in case of novels and other narrative or researchable non-fiction. For collections of short stories, you should send Four sample stories. Please also include a note on yourself in detail with your current photograph. There is no time limit or word limitation for your creative work. But before sending your manuscript you should send first your Book Proposal. After confirmation you should send your manuscript.

Manuscript Submission Policy

After receiving the manuscript The editorial board will scrutinize the entire process of evaluating the deposited manuscripts and consequently decide for publication from the sorted out ones written originally in English or translated into English, or written originally in Bengali or translated into Bengali. We accept unique creative writing as well as all translated work including novels, collections of short stories or monographs for all kind of genre and general or narrative or researchable non-fiction, biographies, memoirs; theatre, cinema, history, politics, mythology, music, cookery etc. that must be creative, different and commercial.

Use only unicode

Firstly send e-mail about your book proposal, after confirmation from publisher end you can send manuscript in MS Word format or in unicode type setting for English or Bengali at lfbookseditorial@gmail.com secondly Please mention subject line, the proper genre of proposal or manuscript nature. Please do not post us a hard copy of your work or send scan images file or pdf only.

Selection or Nomination

As a publication, we consider ourselves to be responsible for delivering the readers high-quality content. That’s why we maintain a strict rule of reviewing each and every piece of content closely to check whether it meets our standards. A five-membered editorial team handles the responsibility of reading all the content related to the Book Proposals as well as our Magazines, yearly collections and ‘Rahasya Romancho‘ also. Once the content gets approval from the editorial team by completing the In-house Selection Procedure (ISP) then and only then we will proceed to the next step. This rule is applicable for in-house writers as well as the content that we receive after inviting the writers. The content reaches the hands of the editor (for the collections, magazines and digital magazine ‘Rahasya Romancho’) or book editor (in the case of book proposals) only after the evaluation process is over. We make sure to follow a completely unbiased approach while ruthlessly checking the quality of the content and do not entertain any requests or references from the editor or any in-house members during the process. 

As it takes a significant amount of time to check the quality of content we request the writers to have some patience after sending in their manuscript. We will let you know whether your content got selected or rejected within nine to twelve months of receiving it. Our editorial team will get in touch with you after the ISP is completed. In some cases, the writer may need in tandem with our editorial team to improve the quality of the manuscript. For the non-fiction books, we will be sending the manuscript to the subject expert for validation and authentication. In such cases, the subject experts will have the final say about publishing the content. In this case, the manuscript can get rejected even after it gets the nod from the members of our editorial board. We do not entertain any self-publication requests. If your manuscript gets selected by our team of editors, we will take the responsibility of publishing it professionally.

Regarding Inquiry

Please keep in mind any kind of conversation over phone regarding selection of manuscript shall not be entertained. Your enquiry may send through e-mail only for critical questioning situation. From time to time we may send you about your Book Project after the confirmation of nomination.

These terms and conditions for creative writers have been revised effective 01/04/2024.

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