Jaydev Bhukta

Jaydev Bhukta For the last three decades of his life, post his retirement from college, Jaydev Bhukta dedicated himself entirely to the pursuit of translations. Since his very childhood  he  had developed a love for literature that was further broadened and intensified through his academic and professional ventures.

While in the classroom he would communicate his passion for literature to the students, taking them away from the world of tests and examinations. He would give them a taste of the celestial elixir, the bliss of literature, something that nourished his own being over the years. Endowed with a natural skill in both the languages, English and Bengali, Professor Bhukta was at ease with the work of translation, seeking a bridging of the two cultures, Western and Indian.

Anindya Bhukta

One of the eminent writers of Bengal, Anindya Bhukta was born on 25th February 1965. A professor of economics by profession, literature is a passion for Anindya. From educational books to poems, he has traversed each branch of literature with equal ease and efficiency. As a lexicographer, he has written the first Bengali dictionary on economics and the environment. He has also penned numerous essays on these subjects. Saying that, Anindya finds joy in writing novels and stories for the readers. Niruddesh Rohosyo and Sourav Gangulir Bat are two thriller novels he has penned for the kids. Jahanarar prem, wrong number, Gobhir Rohosyo are some of his books for adult readers. Apart from these two, Guha Manuser Golpo, Porimamar Kando Karkhana, Ambaganer Juddho etc. are some of his well-appreciated books. Besides writing he works as an editor of two magazines, Aryama and Uranchandi.

Banibrata Chakraborty

Banibrata Chakraborty was born on 3rd September 1947, a momentous year for the country. His father, Priti Kumar Chakraborty belonged to a prestigious aristocratic family of Badur Bagan Kolkata. Even though the author spent his childhood days in his mother Ilarani Chakraborty’s paternal home in Cuttack, his family’s aristocratic traditions left a significant impression on him. Probably for that reason, he has penned down tales of aristocratic Bengali families over and over. The rationale is one of the main features that one can identify in each work of Banibrata. His works are an amazing amalgamation of scientific knowledge, poetic sense, social awareness, and rationale. Over time, his works became so popular that it has crossed the language barriers. A significant number of his works have been translated to Odiya, Hindi, and English languages. Amar Ja Ache, Ranir Kache Panja, Amra Bodle Jai, Bohubrihi, Jotodin Aakash Thakbe, Bitoto Bitongso, Oporup Sobuj Alo, etc. are names of some of his commendable works. Recipient of numerous accolades, Banibrata’s only hobby is buying and reading new and old books.

Sujit Basak

Born in 1970 at Gangarampur in the South Dinajpur District of West Bengal. From his childhood till he passed the higher secondary examination, Sujit has spent a long time in the village. Later he completed his graduation from Calcutta University and further completed his MA from Jadavpur University and B.Ed from Fakir chand college in Diamond Harbour. Right now, he works as a teacher of Dinhata Soni Devi Jai high school in Coochbehar and made the place his permanent address. 

Born in a family of entrepreneurs, Sujit was in love of bengali literature from the early days.  His first novel was published in Shuktara when he was a student of class eight. His first thriller story was published in a demi famous magazine. First thriller novel “ Rohosyo jale dinhata was published in Sukhi Grihakon magazine. Till date, the number of his published thriller novels are five. The readers also appreciated his social novel Swapna Sarani and story adim ondhokar, which was published in sananda magazine. His stories and poems have been published in esh, nabakallol, unish-kuri and many such famous magazines. Till date the number of published short stories is more than fifty. 

Indira Mukhopadhyay

Born in 1965 at Ariadaha, North Kolkata; Indira Mukhopadhyay started her journey a bit differently than other authors. In her early life, she fell in love with chemistry and completed her masters degree from calcutta university. An absolute home maker, literature to Indira is the open window that helps her to fly away at the blink of an eye. She started her journey as an author in 2011, when one of her stories was published in Desh Patrika. From there, Indira never had to look back once. Several of her stories have been published in Anandamela, Ebela, Femina, Bharat Bichitra, Saptahik Bartaman, prathama Ekhon, and many such eminent bengali magazines and newspapers. Her first novel Kalabati Katha was published in Sananda Puja sankhya in 2015. Tridhara is another of her novels published by Dhansiri publishers. Music, gardening, travelling and blogging offers Indira the respite from the daily grinds of life.

Trishit Barman

Trishit Barman was born in 1943 in Singur, Hooghly. His father, Fani Barman, was one of the eminent film makers of the 1940s-50s. He was also the first Devdas of Indian film history. His love for Bengali literature was germinated from his father’s ability to write exceptional film scripts. He started his career when he was merely 21. His first job was in the Fertilization corporation, Rourkela. Later, he joined the Rourkela plant as an exceptional player. Is the experience of spending years in playgrounds has influenced his stories and novels for teenagers. Over time, his stories have been published in various well-reputed magazines, including Desh.

Pratim Das

The journey of Pratim das is different from most well-known authors. Born on 15th February 1974 in Berhampore, Murshidabad, Pratim started his career as a painter. To date, painting is his passion and profession. Since 2011, he has taken up the project of drawing each and every aboriginal bird of India. He has already completed drawing more than thousands of various birds. Two of his books on birds have already been published. His journey as a writer has started as a hobby. But he is pursuing this hobby seriously for more than ten years. He loves to translate English books. Two of his translated books on the James Potter series has already been published in Bangladesh. Other than that, he has also translated non-fiction on Hitler. Pratim has translated more than thirty different stories from Love Craft omnibus and other stories for children. Sotyi Bhuter Golpo is his first translated book published from LF Books.

Monjit Gaine

Born on 2nd July 1978, in Dhanyakuria North 24 Parganas, Monjit started his journey in the world of literature as a student of Comparative literature at Jadavpur University. He also completed his master’s degree in English from Rabindra Bharati University. Apart from teaching young minds at Rajballabhpur High School, Machhlandapur, North 24 Parganas, he also wrote more than 40 books on different subjects. He can entertain young minds quite easily while catering to older readers. His twisted detective stores are brilliant and fascinating at the same time.

Susanta Kumar Biswas

Be it English or Bengali literary world, the name Susanta Kumar Biswas is well known in both. For more than two decades, he is consistently creating different literary works in both languages. Born on 19th June 1965; he pursued his career as a researcher and academician.

As a research scholar of The Indian Institute of Oriental Studies and Research (IIOSR), he was inclined to wade through the ocean of non-fictions. His experience of working as a freelance journalist helped him in this venture as well.  Erotic Sculptures of Eastern India, Studies in Industrial History, Tea, the insatiable Thirst and India and her cultural ties with South-East Asia etc. are some of his cherished non-fiction works.  

Sushanta Kuman has shown almost equal, if not more, prowess in fictions. His fields of interests are vast, which make his literary works starkly different from his contemporaries. He is adept in showing the turmoils and conflicts of humans through his novels while maintaining the pace of the story.

Some of his most appreciated novels are A journey Called Life, The Scarlet Mission, A Fistful of Sky etc. His narratives are woven around topics, like the freedom movement in Tibet or the uprising of the scheduled cast. Human psychology also snared the attention of the writer. In his novels, he created many characters plagued with different mental illness.

Susanta Kumar’s strong writing makes it easier for the readers to experience and understand the dilemma and trauma of each of the characters of his novels. His first fiction in Bengali is Otiter Kachey while Andhakarer Protibimba was his second novel in the vernacular. Other than this, he has more than fifty short stories to his credit. His robust and unique style of writing has helped him to go beyond social boundaries. All in all, the literary works of Susanta Kumar Biswas always ensure an extraordinary experience.

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