Alapcharitay Kabi Shaileswar Ghosh

Alapcharitay Kabi Shaileswar Ghosh (আলাপচারিতায় কবি শৈলেশ্বর ঘোষ)

Edited By Sabyasachi Sen

200 Pages
Alapcharitay Kabi Shaileswar Ghosh
Genre : Avant-garde Hungry Offbeat
Type: Paperback
Price :
Last Edition : January 2019
Cover Artist : Sabyasachi Sen
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Interviews of the poets and authors are always an interesting read. It not only helps the readers to get a glimpse of the mentality of the writer, but also frames the history of a significant period. Their wisdom and their perception towards everyday life of that period helps us, the readers, to get a glimpse of the original person behind the author’s identity as a writer. Alapchaaritay Kobi Shaileshwar Ghosh is one such exceptional book that allows us to peek behind the curtain and understand the mercurial poet a bit better. This book enables us to understand that time changes everything. The person who threw barbed comments about outstanding writers like Jibanananda and Manik, later changed his attitude about them completely. In fact he accepted that Jibanananda and Manik are two of his most favorite writers in Bengali literature. The collection of interviews that author Sabyasachi Sen has presented in this book will definitely help us to find a person with a ramrod backbone who chose to remain alone but never once compromised. It is not a collection of interviews but a tribute to the poet who once ruled the literary works of the Hungry Generation.

Sabyasachi Sen

Whenever you think about Avant-Garde Bengali literature and hungry literature, the name, Sabyasachi Sen (11 June, 1965) comes to mind right away. He completed his schooling from Adarsha Vidyamandir in 1985 and then completed his graduation from Motijhil Commerce College in 1987.

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