Kailashe Robiet (কৈলাসে রোবিয়েট )

152 Pages
Series Name : science fiction series
Genre : Science Fiction
Release Date: 06/03/2022
Dimension: 5.5:x8.5"
Type: Hardbound
Price :
ISBN : 978-93-93629-61-6
Series No : 2
Cover Artist : Pranab Hazra
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Is yeti a myth? Or Is It a lie wrapped in the glittery packaging of truth? Answering this question is not as easy as it seems. The reasn is that these questions fall into a category of questions that does not need aswers really. These questions are created to stoke interests of people while keeping the truth away from getting revealed. To break this norm down, an yeti-obssessed scientist started researching them. Would he be able to solve this century long quest of humans? Or, Would this mystery will remain unsolved forever? Read Kailashe Robiet to find the answer.

Arun Chattopadhyay

Born in 1953 at Mahesh, Shrirampur. Currently living in Baidyabati. His deep relation with books was forged when he was still a boy. That attraction remained intact even when he chose science stream to complete his higher studies. That attraction changed into love and that helped him to explore the wide range of Bengali literarture. Kishor Bharati, Anandamela, Shuktara, Kishor Gyan Bigyan, sharod arghya, Bartaman, Suspense Barshiki and many more eminent magazines and papers have published his novels and stories.

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