Kishore Rahasyer ei samay 1

Kishore Rahasyer Ei Samay 1 (কিশোর রহস্যের এই সময় ১)

Edited By Anindya Bhukta

Kishore Rahasyer ei samay 1
Genre : Detective & Mystery

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Type: Hardbound
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Teenage; the time between childhood and adulthood is peculiar. It’s almost like stepping out from a pitch blacck room to flooding lights. This is the age and time for knowing all and questioning everything. But only a handful of intelligent and brave ones can muck up enough courage to ask the right question.

It is impossible to become a good detective without a sharp mind and indelible courage. So, detective characters of books and novels become heroes of these teenagers. Reading detective novels and craving to see their favorite detective. That curiosity is like a virus for the teenagers, is known to all. LF Books don’t want to keep this virus away. We, instead, want the virus to call the minds of the teenagers as their own. To make sure that the virus of curiosity keeps on moving, we have decided to start a regular magazine just for the teenagers. We promise we will never get tired of making sure that the best writers write for us. Now that ball is in your court. To keep us hooked, you also have to step inside of the world of books. 

Anindya Bhukta

One of the eminent writers of Bengal, Anindya Bhukta was born on 25th February 1965. A professor of economics by profession, literature is a passion for Anindya. From educational books to poems, he has traversed each branch of literature with equal ease and efficiency.

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