Anarchy & Thirteen Monographs

152 Pages
Dimension: 5.5" x 8.5"
Type: Paperback
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ISBN : 978-93-93629-03-6
Cover Artist : Debashis Saha
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For years, civil society has feared the word anarchy. People are terrified of the textbook meanings associated with the word and carefully avoid it to keep life dilemma free. The spatial energy of a national-state guides the emotions of people and creates emotional quotients which become the origin point of Nationalism. The irony is, not once people question the emotional feeling using which state institutions justify the abhorring custom of people killing other people. Not once they try to understand why the concept of anarchy budded in Ancient greece and why the ancient anarchists never cause a single mayhem. The reason might be the absolute fear that it would make them ask the dreaded question, is anarchy necessary. After decades of contemplation and reflection, author and philosopher Dhiman Dasgupta concluded that Anarchy is not only necessary, it is desired over politically established order. In this book, he goes beyond the pre-established concept and dives deeper to explain the truth. Through the monographs, he explained anarchism and demonstrated why exactly Anarchy is necessary.

Dhiman Dasgupta

Born on 7th July 1970 in Calcutta, Dhiman Dasgupta studied in Don Bosco Park Circus and Asutosh College, University of Calcutta. The student of Sociology accidentally became an Advertising Man by training and eventually landed up being a Media Expert

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