Ragged Clouds

Ragged Clouds

104 Pages
Ragged Clouds
Genre : Fiction & Short Stories
Release Date: 06/03/2022
Dimension: 5.5"x8.5"
Type: Paperback
Price :
ISBN : 978-93-93629-11-1
Cover Artist : Debashis Saha
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There is no dearth of meaningful elements which gives meaning to our life. The writer has tasted those spices of life and penned down his experiences in this eloquent book. In this world nothing is static. With changing time, environment, lives and relationships evolve as well. Globalization has only hastened this change further. The stories of Shubhamoy depicts the struggles of the changing time. Like, true artist, he has painted a picture of the flow of every day with different colours of life. The pigments of the pain have brought forward another life that stays hidden in the plain sight. With a hint of magic realism, Shubhamoy has been successful in creating a portrait of a different and absolutely mystique life.

Shubhamoy Sarkar

Shubhamoy Sarkar is a revered name in the world of Bengali literature. His affinity to nature, the human psyche, and life, in general, reflect in his every literary work. His ability to find exceptional aspects of mundane things is one of the factors that keeps the readers hooked.

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