Feludar Hatiyar (ফেলুদার হাতিয়ার )

Genre : Forensic Science
Release Date: 02/05/2022
Type: Hardbound
Price :
Cover Artist : Subham Khan
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While everyone thinks that the detectives are the ones who can point out who the real culprit is through rationale and deduction, the truth is, it is impossible to get a favorable verdict in the courtroom depending simply on that. The court requires cold and hard evidence to make sure that the accused is indeed the perpetrator before handing out any sort of punishment. Forensic science helps to bridge this gap. The forensic scientists examine pieces of evidence like fingerprints, footprints, blood spots, and splatters and offer the investigators solid evidence that can be presented in court during the trial. This book ensures a sneak-peek into that mysterious world of forensic science that empowers the detectives to find the truth and nail the perpetrator. If you are an avid reader of detective stories, you have to read this book to know what really happens behind the scene.  

Anindya Bhukta

Anindya Bhukta

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