RahasyaSangraha 1 Trisit Barman

Rahasya Sangraha ek (রহস্য সংগ্রহ ১)

RahasyaSangraha 1 Trisit Barman
Genre : Detective & Mystery

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Type: Hardbound
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Cover Artist : Debashis Saha
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For decades now, Bengali literary world has not felt the absence of detective stories. Almost every writer has taken their time in creating a detective character for the readers. Trishit Barman also could not stop himself from following this trend set by the eminent writers. Madhuryo Marjit is the sleuth he has gifted to the readers. Madhuryo is not only a detective, he is also a doctor by profession. Solving the puzzle of crime is his passion only. With the assistance of his best friend and colleague, cum assistant Arnab Basu (palu) Madhuryo solves even the more difficult problems in no time. The first story, ‘Koyel Rahasya’, of this collection,  depicts how Madhuryo, then merely a teenager, solved a puzzle and caught a group of dacoits red-handed. From there the character of Madhuryo flourished as a detective. There is no doubt that the thrill-seeking Bengali readers will love the journey of Madhuryo depicted in this collection.

Trishit Barman

Trishit Barman was born in 1943 in Singur, Hooghly. His father, Fani Barman, was one of the eminent film makers of the 1940s-50s. He was also the first Devdas of Indian film history.

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