Suspense Barshiki 2 (সাসপেন্স বার্ষিকী ২ )

Edited By Anindya Bhukta

Genre : Suspense
Release Date: 27/07/2022
Type: Paperback
Price :
ISBN : 978-93-93629-05-0
Cover Artist : Aaranyak Mazumder
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LF Books brings to you in this year 2022

Suspense Barshiki is an annual anthology of stories, articles, and novels that revolves around different genres of suspense stories. Stories that are connected with the eerie, the curious, the disturbed, and the violent incidents that take the readers to the fascinating world of suspense. Each of the stories published in our book offers a different kind of thrill than the others. By reading this annual publication you get to read suspense thrillers, horror thrillers, atmospheric thrillers, police procedural thrillers, science fiction thrillers, psychological thrillers… the list is quite inexhaustible. So, you never quite understand what to expect from the next story by judging the one that you have read, which in itself creates another kind of suspense. If you are a fan of intrigue and suspense, you will love the tense and exciting tales and articles with heart-stopping thrills and neck-snapping twists from some of the eminent Bengali writers of this generation.

Anindya Bhukta

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