What do you think is the most pleasurable experience of attending a book fair? Surely, it is the amazing pleasure that you derive from taking a new book in your hand. The current pandemic situation has deprived the readers of experiencing this unique feeling for quite some time now.

To bring at least some of that comfort back, we, Liber Fieri Books India, are going to arrange a unique online bookfair, ‘Swapner Boimela’. We have named this online venture a book fair because readers can visit our website at any point in time and check out the books at their convenience. They can check out the author’s talk about a book, read the sample copy of the book and even listen to portions of the book which will be given in an audiobook format. The readers can also check important production-related information about the book.

To bring the essence of Physical bookfair, we will be hosting a couple of live book release functions as well. The readers can take an active part in those programs and communicate with their beloved authors in the interactive sessions.

Not only that, but we will also be offering a substantial amount of discounts to the readers. Having said that, our book club members will be able to get even more discounts if they use the unique coupon code. The only thing that you need to do to get all these benefits is to become a member of our unique book club. If you have free/pre-booked any book from our website or bought a book directly from us, you already have become a member of our book club.

Wondering how to become a member of our club?? Write your name, address, phone number, and pin code to us at bookinglfb@gmail.com once and you will become a lifetime member of our club.

Saileshwar Ghosh Rachana Samagra (1)

LF Books India is a publication house of a large and heterogeneous association  receptive to a variety of topics, whether scholarly or popular without any biased perspective. Saileswar Ghosh, an anarchist poet of Hungry Generation, who has not enjoyed lavish praise and a mass of prizes during his poetical journey, created a furore jeopardizing the basic concept and structure of Bengali poetry.With other foot soldiers of Hungry Generation movement he threw himself into every thing, with his typical hungry language disapprobated by the bourgeois standardization of literature.Rightly said by Howard McCord, with regard to hungry poets (Their poems record the ugly numbing truth that most men delight in their horrors).In this most ambitious project, we like to introduce Saileswar to neo Avant-garde readers in a many of his oeuvre that reveal as much about the author and his own works as they do about his concept of poetry, contemporary literature and glorious global thoughts.The linguistic alienation, the resultant effect of imperialism, is obviously absent in Saileswar Ghosh.His poetry has explored a literal geographical displacement causing a destabilizing effect on Bengali readers of poetry.So, this is one essential book for every reader who wants a group of poets who once challenged the existing canon and dominate ideas of literature and culture.

Saileshwar Ghosh Rachana Samagra

Part 1 : Poetry

Edited by Sabyasachi Sen

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Subimal Mishra Somalochona Sangraha (Vol. 1 & Vol. 2)

Known as the only iconoclast of bengali literature, the works of Subimal Mishra have always created a jarring effect on the readers. Like a true heretic, he broke the walls of conventions of bengali literature by using the cut up method of William Burroughs in his unique way. Highly influenced by the movies of Jean-Luc Godard and Sergei Eisenstein, he kept on experimenting by using film language in his writings. In 2015, Bagher Bachcha 1 Subimal Mishra Sankhya was published in Kolkata Bookfair. In 2019, Bagher Bachcha 5: Fire Dekha Subimal Mishra Sankhya. Both of these magazines are well appreciated by the readers and were completely sold within two years of publication. But readers keep on enquiring about these two magazines. Liber fieri publishing house has taken the responsibility of selecting choicest creations of essayists and critiques published on those two magazines. Under the patronage and editing skills of Swapan Ranjan Haldar, all these works will be published  in two separate parts. These books will be much more than just a different read. It will offer a crucial ray of light that makes you a better reader and stronger appreciator of bengali literature.

Subimal Mishra Somalochona Sangraha (Vol. 1 & Vol. 2)

Edited By : Swapan Ranjan Haldar

Bharatiya Rajneetir Abhidhan

Independent India has already surpassed eventful seven decades. At the time of independence several personalities from different corners of this world expressed their concern whether India would be able to fulfil the expectation of Democracy. Over the decades India faced a lot of political turmoil. But at the end of the day, Democracy has not only won, but also  established its stronghold on the entire country. The present dictionary tries to capture all the major political events that have taken place till date in a very lucid, informative and analytical way. The book will certainly prove to be invaluable to the academicians, journalists, politicians as well as general readers who want to be acquainted with the nature and trends of our democracy.

Bharatiya Rajneetir Abhidhan

Author : Anindya Bhukta

Kamalkumar Majumder

Literature, cinema, painting, sculpture, theater; Kamalkumar Majumder had shown his prowess in each of the fields of arts. It is simply impossible to introduce Kamalkumar with a simple adjective. Throughout his life, Kamalkumar broke all the archaic conception of bengali arts and culture. He kept on experimenting and catering the readers with works of literature of a different taste. These two books peeps into the life, literature and art of Kamalkumr Majumder to help the readers get acquainted with this literary enigma. These books disects his perception towards life and literature to find out how he amalgamated the traditions with new age ideologies in his works, music, folk art and culture as well as a teacher and social worker.

Kamal kumar Mazumder : Jeeban O Sahitya 1st Part Coming Soon

Author : Hiranmoy Gangopadhyay

Mohiner Ghoraguli

The band owed its name to Jibanananda Das, a renowned poet of Bengali literature who subverted the language of Bengali poetry in his own style. In the late 70s a Bengali band started  a musical journey mesmerizing the bengali audience who had no access  to such music till then. This way Mohiner Ghoraguli came into existence whose diction of lyrics and singing style ushered in a new anesthetics.Snuffing out the traditional structure of music of the older generation, their songs animated  the community of the youth and transmitted the spirit of a higher ineffable vitalism.Under the legendary leadership of Goutam chattopadhyay Mohin started their journey self-reflexively in the aftermath of a failed, revolutionary venture experiencing a crisis of faith. Their music has a rupturing effect on the bengali listeners who dispassionately observed the whole scenario from a distance and they have relinquished any coherent claims for pure music. They did not have to contemplate an assured future.Their searching was to find out the real identity with the varied layers of generational perspective. Under the impressive guidance of Goutam chattopadhyay, Mohin was a band woven into the collective action of indeterminate “we”. Disenchantment with the precarious surround, the politics of music was very obvious in their songs.

Mohiner Ghoraguli

Edited By Ujjal Bandyopadhyay

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